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The self-assessment tool is available for higher education institutions, national agencies and Ministries of Education. The statements allow you to reflect on the inclusiviness of your institutional approach. At the end of the end, your results strenghts will be visualised in a spider web. Additionally you will get suggestions of action points that you can undertake to reach the objectives of that main area. By taking the test at different points in time, it can show how and if approaches might have changed.


Yes. You can use the self-assessment tool for free.  We encourage you to share it with your partners as well with whom you might be interested to cooperate more in depth on the topic of Inclusive Mobility in the future.


Each higher education institution, national agency or ministry has different needs, different strategies and a different starting point. The tools have been developed in parallel to feed on each other, no matter where you start from.

However, if you are totally new at this and you need some guidance, our recommendation would be to first start with the self-assessment tool, to know exactly at what stage your organisation currently is. You can fill in the self-assessment tool individually and ask a colleague from another department to do the same (e.g. collaboration international office and inclusion/disability office in higher education institutions). Once you both have received your respective results, you can organise a joint meeting to discuss the points of difference, the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation, and start considering how to take action to improve your mobility strategy, processes and support.


On the toolbox page, you will find a button called “Upload resource”. When you click on it, you will be able to fill a form and give some information about your resource, before sending it to us. Don’t forget to provide your email address when submitting a new resource! Would your resource be a good addition to the Inclusive Mobility toolbox, we will contact you to let you know that we have published it. 


Our team of experts will review each submission and consider it through different criteria (relevance to the topic, quality of the resource, redundancy with other tools already available, bringing a clear added value to the toolbox etc.). We will contact you once the review process has been completed to let you know about our decision.


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